I like too the coordinated sets, I’ve said many times that I am ashamed to say it again. Whenever I see one, I imagine in my head combined in myriad ways and the best, I think it can serve for different times of day and even special occasions. I love stamping but definitely now see what won me over was the price.

Cami Top, reminds me a lot to the New York of my collection for Krack but the sheet metal at the rear certainly gives a special touch, do not you think?

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Hello everyone!

In this post I show a new and very casual look perfect for early summer day, I hope you like it.

IMG_2332 IMG_2361 IMG_2364 IMG_2378 IMG_2384 IMG_2391 IMG_2394 IMG_2403 IMG_2405



The key piece of this set is the denim skirt with a scarf tied around her waist. I combined it with a smooth natural white shirt, my new triobag bag, some espadrilles and a tortoiseshell glasses. The skirt and white shirt (which brings a black tie and a white neck to tie it, but preferred to ignore him this time to avoid overloading the whole) the Oasap received thanks to two basic page and are very versatile spring and combinable . For accessories, I rescued this vintage handkerchief ground while using it enough and that brings a touch of color, important to all; the espadrilles that ye have seen in previous entries Missguided; Vintage Giant glasses rimmed slight cat-eye style; and finally my triobag about which I taught for instagram and I bought leveraging upcoming midseason Mango. As you see, they are simple garments that create a special look full of little details.


Camisa/ Shirt: Oasap
Falda vaquera/ Denim skirt: Oasap
Bolso/ Bag: Mango
Espadrilles: Missguided
Gafas/ Sunglasses: Giant Vintage 

Floral Your Life

Juventud & ruedas!

I heard this most trivial / stupid remark about bicycles, something like: “Why should I buy a bicycle, it’s not like I would be a child”. Since cycling is something that only young souls do? I love to walk rollerblading, I feel that nothing matters, I feel young! I love to ride my bike too (I had one, but a bad man stole her :() I love this feeling of “Juventud & ruedas” Do not you miss those times when you “pupacesc” on an obscure bank in the surroundings of your home? Do not you miss the feeling of freedom and do not care about anything? When enjoying alcohol and cigarettes, just because parents do not let you, not because you were addicted to them. The times when, if you’re leaving for another partner “bunaciune” (because you were one) Do you care? Can this be the souls and if we want. The limits are imposed on us, everything is mental.

11124583_10204261535600341_221697954_n 11179996_10204261535560340_356273105_n 11186333_10204241890829234_616398195_n 11198679_10204261535360335_2120664246_n DSC_1109 DSC_1145 - Copy DSC_1151 - Copy DSC_1157 - Copy DSC_1182 - Copy DSC_1206 DSC_1245 DSC_1250 DSC_1253 DSC_1283

I was wearing Oasap White t-shirt, Maxi skirt Oasap, Accesorize bag, Meli Mello & Miha handmade sunglasses, OASAP sneakers.

Backless Dress

As an OASAP designer said:  Please wear a dress if you want to be an elegant lady.  A suitable dress can make you charming, whatever style can come in handy!

It’s good time to get an piece of Demure Floral Burgundy Backless Mini Dress now.

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OASAP Demure Floral Burgundy Backless Mini Dress


Photos from toomuchofyouisnever

Floral Skirt


You know, I am very attached to my city, Bordeaux. But nothing in the world I would neither could do without the campaign. With the arrival of spring, see the landscape change color and makes sense here. Green, yellow, blue, beige, pink (but mostly pity, no gray!) … Can not take the eye!

Yes, I am absolutely filled to be provincial. To be able to go to the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside in a car ride, it is priceless! The campaign is not only beautiful, it is also true, soothing and rejuvenating. For the Easter weekend, I was with my family. With such a setting, beautiful weather and a precious entourage, I made the full of energy and good vibes. So I had to share you a little …

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy the view and show you my outfit of the day. You will notice that the Sweet Floral A-Line Beige Medi Skirt is from!

tenue-du-jour-campagne jupe-imprimée-fleurs pochette-jaune-nubuck


Top Only via MonShowroom *
Pocket Charity Shop (already seen)
Boots Perlato * (already seen)
Flowered skirt Oasap *
Watch The Partisan *
Third Paris Bracelet end beads


From  lapenderiedechloe

Early Summer



Good night!

Today I bring a special post, to teach these wonders of garments!

This lace dress that I find beautiful and I am going to get much game this summer and this original Black Monokini from OASAP that had a thousand forward to, plus we also premiere my new pamela.

Hope you like it and enjoy the weekend butt muacks.



Striped Crochet Lace Pattern Blouse–OASAP

Sexy Beach Time One-shoulder Hollow-out Black Monokini–OASAP


By fashionismylifebyestefania

Look of the Day


Hey Sweeties♥
The look today had everything to be basic, if I had not used this slip on metallic full of wonderful spike shoes of Oasap! I’m dying of love for him, it is so comfortable, stylish and can take the monotony of any look, loved loved loved. I also used this high-waisted shorts that they sent me, wearing very well and is not remaining tissue in the back. Then I completed the production with a white shirt and my beloved black accessories! Bora see the pictures? : 3

IMG_7008 IMG_7006 IMG_6993 IMG_6978


IMG_6942 IMG_6936

IMG_7009 IMG_6924





Slip on metallized: Oasap
High Waist Shorts: Oasap
White Shirt: Oasap
Black Hat: Oasap




By leferblog


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A Little Black Dress

Good morning chocolates!

At last we seem to have a good time with us, spring has arrived with high temperatures, warm sun and lighter garments. And with it comes the time to think about the events that are to come; weddings, communions, baptisms, graduations …

So today I propose a little black dress with transparent touches. The strapless neckline makes feminine and sexy but carries inner headband making it very comfortable to wear. The transparent stripes at the back of the dress is suggestive but not be too much, so it is suitable for events of all kinds.
Personally I like the cut, girded at the waist and with type balloon skirt look great girls with wide hips designs. Being black any snap fits. I opted for heels in black, multibrazaletes and a thin chain. but also look great with sandals in a strong color and larger accessories.
You can find this dress at Oasap, recently have launched a line of dresses of original design and superior quality. The truth is that the fabric of the dress can tell it’s good, fits well with my body very well and resists wrinkles that may arise from the movement of the day. Take a look at your own selection of dresses.


Dress/ Oasap

tendencia-vestidos-2015 red-lips stripes-dress little-black-dress chic-short-dress wedding-hair vestido-transparencias oasap-dress arien-blog


OASAP Fetching Black Striped Off-Shoulder Mini Dress


OASAP Collection

Hi guys !!!!

Today I have come to show you some pieces that I received from US fashion brand OASAP! As you are tired of knowing, the store is a partner of the blog here, and they always send me lots of cool stuff, and today I came to show What do I got them this month! Let’s check ?!

IMG_4654 IMG_4645 IMG_4649






– White Dress: (buy here)
– Cropped Black: (buy here)
– Earring: (buy here)
– Makeup Palette: (buy here)


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