Autumn OOTD

In the end I was able to go on some pictures. I collected on a good week. In today’s outfit prevail clothes from oasap and my new boots that for some time I loved loved and wanted to buy them :) Do not prolong how you like it? What are your plans for this time? See you buciki MODELKA BLOGG GOTOWEHIHIHsoon! *

Print Sweatshirt–OASAP

Leather Shorts–OASAP

Black Boots–OASAP


Time to warm it up

Oversized Lapels Tweed Coat


  1. The material: 45% wool, 55% polyester wool blen
  2. Detail: Exquisitely made, Draping Cutting, boucle surface, open front design, slim fit, simple but classic. comfy and cozy.
  3. Suitable occasion: casual , day time.
  4. Style:


Casual: Pair it with solid blouse, a pair of skin-tight jeans and sneakers or ankle boots would be perfect outfit for everyday occasion.

Edgy and punk: Layered it with solid mini dress, patterned leggings or tights and classic ankle boots then you’re ready to toughen it up.

Office look: Team up with solid top, a bodice pencil skirt, and high-heels would create a stylish-look.

Ad: the over-sized coat comes in draping cut, easy but classic. This deep grey tweed coat crafted in worsted wool keeps out the cold perfectly, classic oversized lapels and draping cut design bring out your feminine inside, perfect with a sweater dress, tights, and boots. Go get heated.

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Light Green Parka

As much as I wanted to resist me and I really enjoyed the last few days of sunshine, it appears officially in my head and start to change the clothes for these cold days. In Mexico City, the weather has been a little crazy, there are days when we wake up with lots of sun and you can still continue using shorts and skirts, and suddenly it enters a cold front.
I think the best option for me is to wear these black denim jeans super combined with OASAP light weight parka in military green. As I said earlier in one of my previous posts: to deal with this climate in the city is an option to dress down with light clothing and keep adding layers of different thicknesses and textures that depend on the weather. So if you get the heat you just get peeled off one by one or if you get cold you capitas añadiento like onions.
Have a very good start to the week. Stay tuned for my social networks because tomorrow I start a new and exciting adventure;)

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Slipknot Girl

Almost every blog post that I looked at recently seen “on the occasion of the forthcoming autumn time grays welcome in our dressing room.” I say otherwise, that is we should dress up in color to give contrast this time of year. I wanted to make this post different from the autumn standard, which can be seen in a thousand other blogs, so these images I decided to put a sweatshirt from oasap that your model terribly attracts attention. Really appealed to me, and you?

Sweatshirt – oasap

DSC_3744 DSC_3687 DSC_3693 DSC_3698 DSC_3719 DSC_3725 DSC_3743


By tiffani426

Autumn New Street Fashion Show

What I thought would be one of the best experiences of my life became a nightmare when the girls in my tendency (Total Network) and I saw what was in our hair and our makeup.

The makeup was non-existent just basic, white powder all over her face and red lips (or eyeliner or mascara or anything …) and, as the hair, nearly died at the sight: liters of hair gel and all hair “combed” backward mode “wet look” that does not favor him more than a top model.

The look he had to wear for the parade I do not talk, because I never choose various shades of red to dress (had 5 different tone red garments: autumn shirt, red dress, shoes, motorcycle jacket and perfect clutch).

Luckily the rest of companions other trends were not so lucky us. They were both perfect makeup and hair salon. Above the sixties trend, we were all in love with her ​​outfits, her makeup and her hair super. Congratulations to Marina Sands, the winner of course this trend sixties, was perfect !!!!

The truth is that the experience was wonderful and repeat without hesitation, but that if thinking better knowing the tendency to choose the hairstyle and makeup will go in line with her …








By 1000manerasdevestir

Maffashion and automotive brand?

The first thought that comes to mind: “What is common blogger with the car? ‘.
I must admit that I wondered a long time about how the idea to integrate into the aesthetics of the blog (to which you are accustomed to). As you well know, always strongly select and analyze your choices, because the blog does not see enough ads, sponsored posts strictly how could that be. I attach great importance to this, with which brands to bind (ok, the way occurred unfortunate exceptions: P). So do not zdecydowałabym to cooperate with SEAT, I was not quite as decision-making role in the aesthetic issues (choice of filmmakers, selection of styling the post-production). Of course, for me as a woman important was the look of the car to be a “star” of this campaign. Mii by MANGO, “urban, feminine, stylish” car, turned out to be not only pretty, but functional. An additional big advantage is the fact that I liked the brand MANGO worked on his looks. Details on the outside and inside of the car has been well thought out and have a feminine, fashion jam. The whole campaign from the beginning was to involve trips. I love traveling, and the first of three stops the action (as you could see, among others, in my instagramie) was my favorite Barcelona. Beautiful city, new people, more experience, and … I’m in the car. Besides the possibility to do for you new pictures in different “hot” location, a key element of the trip was to realize video material. This cool new experience, I hope that the results you will enjoy. If anyone of you ever had the opportunity to work in the implementation of such a material knows that it is many hours, strongly absorbing work (although it does not look at this).

maffashion_barcelona_20s maffashion_barcelona_1 maffashion_barcelona_2 maffashion_barcelona_3 maffashion_barcelona_4 maffashion_barcelona_5 maffashion_barcelona_6 maffashion_barcelona_7 maffashion_barcelona_8 maffashion_barcelona_9 maffashion_barcelona_10 maffashion_barcelona_11 maffashion_barcelona_12x maffashion_barcelona_13s maffashion_barcelona_14ds maffashion_barcelona_15 maffashion_barcelona_16 maffashion_barcelona_17 maffashion_barcelona_18 maffashion_barcelona_19


Floral Skirt     White Tank    High Heels


By  Maffashion

Beautiful Day

The other day I came home and had a surprise, this beautiful leather handbag, oasap accessories and a great bracelet that will teach another day.

Best of all, it has a perfect to wear as shoulder bag or clutch size (as it has removable handles) for a special occasion.

Since I could not wait to premiere this weekend, I had to do paperwork on Saturday morning took the opportunity to combine my comfy jeans Meltin’pot, basic black blouse and sandals with my new bag to match.

What do you think the result?

DSC_0250 DSC_0185 DSC_0186

DSC_0206 DSC_0234 DSC_0247

By Sandra MP

Today’s OOTD

Today’s OOTD is the piece that I’m in love, this short skirt destroyed the Mac Stile is perfect for a more rock production with a beautiful color and yet super comfortable since it is actually a short! To complete opted for t-shirt Kill City that brings in the color pattern of the skirt and a black blazer with embroidered details. To give more emphasis to short also added the sunglasses, OASAP bag and Platform Boots.

fashioncoolture-18-09-2014-look-du-jour-mac-stile-7 fashioncoolture-18-09-2014-look-du-jour-mac-stile-1 fashioncoolture-18-09-2014-look-du-jour-mac-stile-2 fashioncoolture-18-09-2014-look-du-jour-mac-stile-3 fashioncoolture-18-09-2014-look-du-jour-mac-stile-4 fashioncoolture-18-09-2014-look-du-jour-mac-stile-5 fashioncoolture-18-09-2014-look-du-jour-mac-stile-6




Early Autumn OOTD

I guess you do not have to explain for my absence. Virtually all of my day looks like this: I go to school, I go back, a moment of rest, learning lessons and end of the day. It has come to also commute back so much later than when I came back in high school. During this week I had lots of ideas for posts, but the lack of a photographer and a total lack of time caused a slight hesitation. Time to catch up :) Outfit for today is 100% my style. Holes in denim jeans, sweater-style crop top, leather jacket,  Leather Booties with gold trimmings. How do you like it?

ujj ide modelhy tttttttttttttt uhh


Leather jacket-Click,  Denim pants-Click,  Leather Booties-Click