Keep Warm in Cold days!

For beauty and charm, a lot of girls are even absolutely ridiculous.Usually, they even won’t wear something other than a knit sweater or leather jacket in the cold days, not to say a thick and heavy wool coat.

However, the most important is that you need to remember to keep warm for your back, and do not leave it uncovered all the day in winter, it’s not the secret to protect yourself against the cold, but the valuable health tips. I often wear a few layers as possible, then it’s not afraid of the cold, even in OASAP short jacket;)

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OASAP Warm Belt Zipper Faux Suede Moto Jacket


Good Weather OOTD

Though it’s enter the winter, but we still have so many days of high temperatures, so I make a decision to take a little bit different outfit of the day. I’m trying on a boyfriend jeans of OASAP. Loved the destroyed cutout effect. I’m also match it with a stripe T-shirt and short and navy blue jacket, also from OASAP, with some sequins for a casual look with a more fashion touch. Accessories in red from Haute & Rebellious and the H&M bag.

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OASAP Fashion Sexy Pink Big Bowknot Stilettos

Warm Coat

In the end, I manage to write a new post. It’s really not easy to combine the daily duties of the blog. Holidays getting closer, yet two weeks for the long-awaited Christmas 2014 holidays. I can not wait! Moving on to the topic of the post, today I want to present you a great OASAP sheepskin checkered coat. Ordering him I did not expect that will be so warm and comfortable. It’s perfect to match a pair of Paneled Ankle Boots, also from

HAHAHA goti huww


OASAP Outdoor Black Bag

Cold Winter


The new order post :) … as many of you know, I love this kind of outfit, skirt and cable sweater yarn without many rodeos, plus I think it’s always a hit.

It is not the first time I suggest a look of this style, if haceis a tour of the Blog you will find a few options like this, so that others tell you that I love.

This time I decided to combine it with my lovely coat Ganni of GIRISSIMA, tights, leggings and of course you can not miss an OASAP vintage bag to enhance the look, this is 100% leather, the color is beautiful and combines with absolutely everything, you can find in OASAP has very nice and original things and I q worth discovering :)

I send a million kisses !!! thank you for so much love and support, thank you for always read me and let me know your opinions.

You are very great !!! See you tomorrow with more;)

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OASAP Vintage Boat-shaped Tote

Cable Sweater

Hey ^^
Because of that recently it was very cold outside, I decided to pictures in the room, again on a white background. Because it will now only colder and colder I rarely ever go outside on the images. Today’s outfit is sooooo ordinary, like you can probably complete in all the red cable sweater, it’s probably fine, apparently such like. Until next time, I greet. Pa =)

DSC_4371 DSC_4333 DSC_4356 DSC_4357 DSC_4368



Christmas Gift

Hello Everyone !!

How about your Cyber Monday? Did you have done a crazy shopping? I have shopped a lot and I’m happy to enjoy such great discounts from online stores.


I often shop my clothing from some online brands and this year is sponsored from OASAP. The cape coat is free from OASAP also. Loved by the great resemblance to that of famous brands. I added my initials and this was the result!! The combined it with the long black coat also OASAP and my boots from my collection for Gino Vaello.


It has been all weekend raining in Madrid so it was difficult to take pictures. We rush to take some photos when it stopped a bit!


How do you think of Cape coat? Do you like this cape below? It’s worth to list for Christmas gift. Christmas 2014 holiday is on the way, the cape coat is value to be girls, girlfriend gift.

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Classic Plaid Color-Blocked Boho Cape Scarf–OASAP

Boyfriend Jeans


Today I bring you a look of several items that I love, boyfriends, jersey wrap yarn and Xl are my obsession lately, that work perfectly with any type of clothing. ? What do you think the option today .. I wanted to give a touch more lady heels adding that as you may have noticed, are also another of my obsessions;) .. but it can be adapted perfectly to every style and footwear prefer;) ..the mine undoubtedly is this.

I hope you liked it !!! Agradesco much your views and comments !!

See you tomorrow !! A thousand kisses;)


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Light Pink Woolen Coat–OASAP

Boyfriend Hole Jeans–OASAP

No time to waste

“Wasting Time” I think one of the most absurd of all language expressions. Can you waste time? How are we going to lose something not even belong to us?
Time is lost from the moment we are born. We are their slaves. We are born with a certain number of years, months, weeks, days, hours. We do believe that leverage our time is to use every second to do something for the future, to have a good job, a nice house, a good career and be able to retire early and take advantage of our time. And then if you turn the set path, you lose time or even worse, you’re lost.
And it is absurd, that mentality is to take the time to think ahead of time and not the present. Is not this the only real time? Wasting time, save time, we can not even stop, so the best we can do is forget about it, something that does not even exist and we have created ourselves.
And yes, I love wasting time, sit on cliffs, listen to storms, throw me to the bed doing nothing, close your eyes and enjoy a good song, drink a glass of wine a Tuesday night and miss watching the trains go sunset.
And so, too, & nbsp; I love wasting time on her back.
I love losing things, head, roles and shame.
I like living without a clock, it may be a lost cause.
but …
If you died right now What would you be doing?

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OASAP Studded Black PU Motor Jacket

Product Code: OP49551

Cape Poncho

Finally I fell plump for one of the Must Have of the season, OASAP cape poncho … .and there are in all colors, textures, patterns and a million ways to wear it. And although I’m sure that this option boots XL already have seen many times, I have been unable to resist this option with it, in my Blog you have not seen yet and now here this;)


When I saw this poncho in OASAP cape scarves, I fell totally in love with him, seeing him I thought, here’s my perfect cape cloak poncho, because I have searched and searched one who fell in love me and I really liked it and stay put and I think this is just great. The blue and designed with love and these boots also drive me crazy I think are the best for me.

I leave you with the pictures and you know I love to hear your opinions.


Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-botas_benetton-falda_zara-poncho_fashion_pills-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-botas_benetton-falda_zara-poncho_fashion_pills-655-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-botas_benetton-falda_zara-poncho_fashion_pills-566-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-botas_benetton-falda_zara-poncho_fashion_pills-554-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-botas_benetton-falda_zara-poncho_fashion_pills-456-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-botas_benetton-falda_zara-poncho_fashion_pills-5-640x960


OASAP Vintage Scottish Plaid Cape Scarf Poncho

Product Code: OP48777

New Collections

Hey, hey! I tend to rarely here recently, mainly due to the competition of science and biology, but now I’m already after the first step, and I think I finally have a little more time. Actually, the first time in a long time I have completely free weekend and did not really have to do anything! That’s why I decided that I would not laze around all day and get up to take pictures. I have accumulated a lot of news sooooo oasap and probably would have taken me a long time before pokazałabym all in separate posts with outfit ami, so I decided that today I’ll show you everything in one (actually most, because the shoes left at school and I’ll show you them only next post). Some of these things have probably seen before, but I decided to collect and bring you all the things from the last 3 orders.

oo2 o5 oo

Here you do not have much to say, because each of the things I love, and the most recommended!

bb b2

OASAP Knit Sweater 
One of my favorite sweaters! I showed it to you before, so you have seen how cool it looks to high-waisted trousers and I do not think you are wondering why I like him so. :)


OASAP Cable Sweater 
Another sweater, but at the same time are perfect, so everyone will be useful, and in addition has a lovely color!

kiki ki2

I really like these original items, and I think it’s such a kimono can include. Oasap is really the mass formulas, but I liked it the most.


These two things are more summer – skirt you’ve already seen, however, blouses occasion, I did not assume, however, is quite universal, so it will be good for the summer, but in winter the sweater and trousers with a high waist.
To order these shorts trying on a few times now, but they gave up. Now, finally, are mine, and I think it was a good decision. I especially like the combination with black tights and a sweater.
OASAP Skinny Leggings,  OASAP Knit cardigan
I admit that I long wondered if order these leggings. I was afraid that would be too luminous and accrue not to my liking, in fact, but nothing could be more wrong! I really love them, they have a great design and look good even for crop tops.
OASAP iPhone Case
For some time in Oasap can buy a case on the phone, mine is just in ip5s, but the same patterns are also on the IP4. The choice is large and gig bags are really beautiful, cheap and well done, so I would recommend. :)