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In the end, we have longed for a long weekend. You do not know how much I miss it. Through these free days, I will try to blog more and do some take all the things that I do not have a week of time. Today, very fast styling of my new favorite sweater with OASAP.
What do you think? What are your plans for the weekend?

hahavgJacket Sweater–OASAP
All-matching Platform Boots

Candy Color Skater Skirt–OASAP

Fringe Sexy Jacket

Yesterday I heard you laugh one last time by the waves along the sea and the salt that you loved so much, you were composing and painting your echo. We were broken and despite all the years we looked like the first day at the elevator, then you were full.
We were at the glass half full, the glass we were finally filled up, we were more than that, lakes, rivers and sea. Glaciers. Cold. Ice.
Now we are the glass half empty, just the air fills our gaps. We are nothing, just breathing oxygen would have us believe that we are something.
And I want you to know that now more than ever I understand that if I also remember bike rides, your smile behind the falls, and sang Imagine at the red car with the old glasses you bought in Paris. Your laughter made me laugh as I too, gestures you did when you concentrabas. Those winter evenings were precipices without you and how to get there, you quitabas suit and we drew together lying on the carpet.
Convertías weeks tunes, songs from your albums of the 70s and were doing all the hard knocks of life brushed me like soft velvet.
I remember who you used to be and who you decide you did not want to be more. But to me, you’re still the same. And I never changed.
They all say, we are too alike. Too similar for this to work out. But we are still swimming upstream.
I miss you, though I have left the words hanging in the vocal cords.
Someday I’ll tell you the same cliffs all the things you never said that and and still am not able to tell you, & nbsp; how deep you’ve sunk into this ocean I’m going to bail.
You were the hero of my story,
but I’ll be the light of your own

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Fringe Jacket–OASAP  Velvet Dress–OASAP

Pink and Stripes

When I saw this midi skirt (HERE) on the website of I fell in love with her.

The set I’m wearing a two-piece, no option to buy the skirt on one side and the crop top with another. I’m not very fond of the crop top and therefore wear under a black basic tee gooseneck and stripe sweater. well, it’s been too cold to go “belly with air.”

The cut of the skirt I love it because it’s one of my favorite trends. In fact, I’m waiting for me to arrive two skirts in this style. They are super feminine, does not it ? But these skirts or like or hate, what do you think?

DSC_1027 DSC_0997 DSC_0987 DSC_1000 DSC_1023 DSC_1008

Two pieces: OASAP


Cape Scarf & Red Sweater

Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-look_tous-Jersey_mango-Falda_zara-foular_zara-bufanda_zara-botas_lovely_pepa-bolso_tous-gafas_tous-99-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-look_tous-Jersey_mango-Falda_zara-foular_zara-bufanda_zara-botas_lovely_pepa-bolso_tous-gafas_tous-88-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-look_tous-Jersey_mango-Falda_zara-foular_zara-bufanda_zara-botas_lovely_pepa-bolso_tous-gafas_tous-640x960

Good day everyone !!!

To start this week I bring a casual super comfortable and very warm look, the kind of looks that I like, especially for errands and did not stop all day :)
It is clear that a long black winter coat over these days is a must for the cold begins to feel more and more strongly, but I wanted to show you the look without the coat, because I think it brings colorful OASAP more the touch of the cape scarf makes it a little more special outfit, also could add a cap of points, those that are used enough for now, I’m not much of caps or hats, even when it’s freezing me I put it must … but we’ll see later if I encourage.

Almost all accessories for this outfit are OASAP, red sunglasses, black ring, leather bag.

I send a thousand kisses, I hope you like this option. I appreciate very much your opinions :)

Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-look_tous-Jersey_mango-Falda_zara-foular_zara-bufanda_zara-botas_lovely_pepa-bolso_tous-gafas_tous-2-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-look_tous-Jersey_mango-Falda_zara-foular_zara-bufanda_zara-botas_lovely_pepa-bolso_tous-gafas_tous-9-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-look_tous-Jersey_mango-Falda_zara-foular_zara-bufanda_zara-botas_lovely_pepa-bolso_tous-gafas_tous-7-640x960 Blogger_navarra-blogger_paraguaya-look_tous-Jersey_mango-Falda_zara-foular_zara-bufanda_zara-botas_lovely_pepa-bolso_tous-gafas_tous-5-640x960


Winter OOTD

Today I want to show you a look with a skirt that I find both super special for design, printing and weaving, I think that all of this, makes it different and original. The perfect look for looks like today I bring, casual but arreglado..pero plan for use in super stilettos or booties trimmed with OASAP high heels and a white blouse or shirt, I think it has endless possibilities. It’s cameo, an American firm that you can find in the OASAP store, and I had talked about this store before, and you know I’m big fans because there always find the most original clothes and you are the last one;)
And you think this winter sweatshirt? I just can not like more the result with the skirt and purple bag, and as we begin to be quite cold nothing better than a coat of gray hair and boots, perfect to complete the outfit;).
This look I’ve used on Friday for a very special meal for my friends here just want to say Thanks for a great day of talks and laughter and repeated many more !!!

And you also say a million thanks for your visits and comments. I hope my proposal today you liked.

la-foto-7-640x701 IMG_7203-640x960 IMG_7244-640x960 IMG_7242-640x960 IMG_7206-640x960 IMG_7275-640x960

May you have an amazing weekend !! ;)



Sweater Dress

Today’s post is almost no text. It’s a small change on the blog, because so far always elaborate, often wrote at me, and now I do not have to, eg. My school life or the weather was at least a little interesting, so I just will not write about it, and some posts will be no text.
Of course, do not give up completely from writing posts will appear in various thematic thoughts, I also think that I bring a lot of new categories, but posts a series of “what me” will appear less often, only when something interesting happens. Let me know what you think about it. :) In addition, I would also add the song to your posts, may thus just some you’ll like it too?

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Sweater dress–OASAP

Beautiful pregnant mothers wearing the cape cloaks! Street fashionistas bringing more casual inspiration to muffle in winter!

Casual and stylish, an OASAP cape cloak is the must-have in your winter wardrobe since it will add you a wonderful style for your dressing! Let’s find some inspirations from the street style popular stars.


Blake Lively pregnant mother wearing Lindsey Thornburg cape coat with Sam & Lavi shirt shopping in New York.



With increasingly evident of Pregnant, Blake Lively shopping in New York ABC Carpet & Home


Blake Lively wearing Lindsay Thornburg cape cloak appeared on the streets of New York, the pregnant mother seems super good.


Elena Perminova Street snap with cape cloak


Supermodel Saskia de Brauw


Fashion editor Anya Ziourova wearing a blue cape cloak appeared in Paris Fashion Week Dior T-show of the spring and summer 2014 .


Supermodel Karlie Kloss,  Street snap at New York Fashion Weekt: the white shirt with OASAP leather pants and flat shoes, elegant and confident, the black cloak added minimalist fashion sense!


Miranda Kerr wearing a gray woolen cape coat, holding his son Flynn Bloom to go out in Sydney .


Victoria Beckham Stepped out  from her own flagship store in London.

Kristina Bazan at Tod's SS2015

Swiss fashion blogger Kristina Bazan wearing Tod’s cape cloak with Jimmy Choo boots, OASAP hat


Miroslava Mikheeva-Duma

OASAP Fashion Red Tassel-Trim Knit Pullovers Cape



OASAP Classic Plaid Color-Blocked Boho Cape Scarf



OASAP Women Clothing Promotion on Black Friday, Price as Low as $1.90

PRLogNov. 12, 2014BOSTONIt is reported that has already launched the month-long holiday promotion for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014, will begin the year-end commodity promotional activities from November 15 to December 15, the promotions will involve all categories.
According to the published posts from OASAP official blog, will conduct a series of promotional activities in the coming one month, And categories involves women coat, winter dress, sweater and jacket, women bags and shoes, print leggings, fashion accessories. Activities including, Thanksgiving Day big sale; Leggings from $ 3.90, and Everything under $ 9.90; the price of some products are as low as $ 1.90; also provides free shipping worldwide from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday 2014. Consumers can visit OASAP Online store to make choices.’s promotion begins on November 15 that is Saturday of local time, consumers can visit the site to participate in their holiday promotions, the name of the promotion called “carnival holiday to save money.” OASAP launch of such sales carnival is a prelude before the arrival of the holiday season this year, it is expected to more retailers will follow the promotions, using the name of “Black Friday” and Cyber Monday.
Here’s “Black Friday”, referring to the first day after Thanksgiving each year around the United States. This day is often considered the official start of Christmas shopping season, and is also considered a barometer of the annual Christmas retail sales, of course, it is one of the most important and busiest days for businessmen in the year. The “Cyber Monday” is the first work Monday after the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Because Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November each year and many office workers will choose to leave Friday to spend their holidays, so that they can enjoy up to four days holiday from Thursday to Sunday.

In order to welcome the Black Friday 2014, OASAP.COM will provide big off Black Friday coupon code and Cyber Monday coupon code for women winter clothing, such us women coat, maxi dress, knit sweater and the most fashionable cape scarf of winter 2014.
boston-celtics-pattern-basktball-sweatshirt gorgeous-galaxy-cartoon-print-sweatshirt (1) i-can-sea-you-flounced-black-dress
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OASAP is a global online store dedicated to high-street fashion by offering various kinds of women’s apparel, bags, shoes, jewellery  accessories, beauty products, etc.

OASAP was founded in late 2011, and has already grown to be the leader of high fashion online stores. We keep updating products at a high rate every day. Now we update more than 300 new products each week. The products mentioned before definitely belong to the latest fashion trend.

OASAP’s mission is to get you closer to the planet’s most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are or what class or age group you are in.

Pursuing fashion is the right of every woman.


Sometimes or always crave more a look with OASAP jeans, but I’m more of skirts and tights in winter, with a significant winter coat and OASAP heel boots well sheltered not ever spend cold.

But today I bring you a look for people addicted to OASAP jeans with a little jacket that seems super special and original. It is clear that this look is from last week and not so cold as to grrrr ..and now the weather was great for an outfit as well.
What you think ?? It is simple and very adaptable to all styles. Great for a business meeting, an informal event, a dinner and what you want. ;)

If you like something much more settled I advise that you go through the online store for occasions such as Christmas 2014 gifts are close to having things crazy.

look_total_zara-camisa_blanca-chaqueta_de_lentejuelas-jeans-blogger_logroñol-blogger_navarra-5-640x960 look_total_zara-camisa_blanca-chaqueta_de_lentejuelas-jeans-blogger_logroñol-blogger_navarra-640x960 look_total_zara-camisa_blanca-chaqueta_de_lentejuelas-jeans-blogger_logroñol-blogger_navarra-66-640x960 look_total_zara-camisa_blanca-chaqueta_de_lentejuelas-jeans-blogger_logroñol-blogger_navarra-8-640x960 look_total_zara-camisa_blanca-chaqueta_de_lentejuelas-jeans-blogger_logroñol-blogger_navarra-7-640x960

A huge and happy all day kiss!
Thank you for your visits and comments !!

Which Brand is more popular for “Cape Blanket” in winter 2014?

Large shawl blanket is popular intermittently for several quarters, and it becomes the most popular single product in winter 2014. Accessories or clothes, it’s difficult to distinguish, but girls have to depend on it to become the fashionable queen of the winter!


PRLogNov. 11, 2014NEW YORKWhich brand will generate the most popular big shawl cape blanket in autumn and winter t2014? OASAP editor admits that Autumn and winter women’s collection from Burberry Prorsum is definitely providing the most choices and reaching at the highest topics. In addition to the classic Plaid Custom “blanket” loved by the stars, supermodels (Check the similar cape scarf, Classic Plaid Color-Blocked Boho Cape Scarf, only $40 Now), Burberry Prorsum also introduced a geometric pattern, graffiti prints and other elements in a large colored cape shawl. However, OASAP fashion Girls should never hang at one brand, Chanel, Chloe, Etro and other brands also have launched different styles of “big cape blanket,” so OASAP Editor will recommend you more choices.
The series of “big blanket” of Chloe is probably the only one to compare to the custom cape blanket of Burberry Prorsum, it is easy to recognize for the unique design of front and back multiple pieces stitched, but the key to these famous cape coats can also lie in the interpretation of Street Fashionistas – Russian socialite Elena Perminova, Chinese supermodel Ai Li and other models have shown off the cape shawl in fashion weekend 2014. In addition, Chanel High Hand Workshop series 2014 “Paris-Dallas” also launched a number of large cape shawls to meet the interpretation of the American West-style fashion.
Etro autumn and winter women’s show 2014 added Bohemian passion into the season’s fashion, and an oversized shawl with earth color tone looks very warm and decorated with tassels conjugated increases exotic feelings; OASAP launched Fashion Red Tassel-Trim Knit Pullovers Cape, on sale at only $43.00 now; Roberto Cavalli also launched several large shawls, it’s quite glamorous and avant-garde for black and gray collided with geometric patterns. The Chinese model Sun Feifei interpreted the cape-style coat with black leather pieces, which looks very cool; Sacai models dressed in colored mosaic pattern “big blanket” left a deep impression with a short cotton jacket and skirt, an alternative way to the compiled code of dress.

Large cape shawl cape blanket has become must-have single product of winter 2014. Fashion girls may wish to purchase a “big blanket” from prior to getting a women coat on Black Friday 2014, it will add to your winter coat with more sense of style!
More Cape shawls here. In addition, in order to welcome the Black Friday 2014, OASAP will provide big discount Black Friday coupon code and Cyber Monday coupon code for women’s winter clothing, such us women’s coat, maxi dress, knit sweater and the most fashionable cape scarf of winter 2014.
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