Gold Leopard Cardigan

New outfits of the weekend all to yourself!
In today’s post I’ll show you a leopard cardigan that I arrived a month ago and when I posted a preview of Fb there was loved.
The thing that struck me when I saw it on the website of Oasap were definitely the colors, the combination of black with electric blue and gold tooled giving him shiny and this effect this air a little rock ‘n’roll.
I find it ideal for a casual look for everyday or for a more evening look, especially if you are super chilly like me;)
Here I paired with leggings skin effect, a simple white shirt that at this time has become my must haves and comfortable briquettes Mariamare you can buy directly from Spain.
Let me know what you think.
A kiss and good weekend.

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Fashion Gold Leopard Pattern Long Knit Cardigan–OASAP


By amemipiacecosi

Medi Skirt

First post of the new year. Do you have New Year’s resolutions? I would like to spend more time blogging, so today I prepared for you a video of the session! I hope that in January I will be able to record again in a little different feel, a more “active”. We cordially invite you to watch and evaluate HERE.

Delicate combination of baby blue and white broke intense raspberry color. I love the bright sets, but this time I decided to revive the styling. Raspberry coat is a sweet addition to pastel styling. I combined the white quilted medi skirt with a light blue sweater and dark additives. I chose black tights, high heels and purse and silver ones- a man’s watch and bracelet.

DSC_0260 DSC_0175 DSC_0227 DSC_0187 DSC_0231


Classic skirt: OASAP

Light Blue Sweater: OASAP

Red coat / outwear: River Island,

Black tights / thights: e-gabriella,

LV scarf / scarf: gift,

handbag / bag: Zara,

bangle / bracelet: Karhla


Plaid Coat

Hello Sunshine!

It’s only the nineteenth of January, and already so much has happened! A few days ago, by logging on to Twitter, I noticed that among my followers there are more verified accounts. I have no idea how Breau Brooks’owi (one of the five Janoskians) and Tokio Hotel band managed to find me among millions of users. What’s more, yesterday Maejor also added a few of my tweets to favorites, what a great month! I hope this is just the beginning of good luck in 2015! :) How are you going on? I wish you a pleasant evening and leave with today’s photos in Plaid coat. Kisses!

IMG_4527 IMG_4548 IMG_4532 IMG_4513 IMG_4511 IMG_4555


Plaid Hooded Woolen Duffle Coat–OASAP

Look of the Day

The proposal of the Look of the Day Skirt and Sweater today is a little different: transform a classic piece, the midi skirt (that reaches to mid-calf) in something comfortable face, which, incidentally, I love to do. I am one who prefers face of parts used and we can dress in a way that seems casual, you know? Love looks that give that impression of “put and was pretty well” and showing personality.

Okay. I know the Look of the Day skirt and sweater not for everyone, but I hope that at least serve as an inspiration to try something different, after all this is the idea of looks here the blog: to encourage everyone to find a style staff to complete you, do you feel yourself, without worrying about what others will think. In fact, that’s their problem, not yours. And if they want to look, let look. The important thing is to be yourself.

The wonderful skirt is the H&M, a shop which always talk about here on the blog, with romantic and beautiful parts !! The striped sweater, super warm, so we enjoy this summer 40 degrees delicious, is the OASAP, another of my favorite stores! Do not forget to check the two stores, very worth it!

liz-chicish-skirt-and-oasap-sweater-07 liz-chicish-skirt-and-oasap-sweater-05 liz-chicish-skirt-and-oasap-sweater-04 liz-chicish-skirt-and-oasap-sweater-03 liz-chicish-skirt-and-oasap-sweater-01

Arsenal //
Camera: Nikon D5100
Contacts: Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f / 1.8G

Look of the Day Skirt and Sweater

What am using / What I’m wearing //

Two-Tone Striped Cable Sweater/ OASAP

Birken / Personal archive


BY theredlilshoes

Chiffon Kimono


The look today is simpler with a fashion touch …
Kimonos are light and the face of the summer. He was excited to post this look! haha
This Chiffon Kimono is the Oasap GORGEOUS! He, in addition to floral print, has fringes!
I Love Oasap! She’s only WONDERFUL parts. You already know the store? If not, run and check it out! : D

As the look was more even basiquinho, invest in the combination that never fails: t-shirt + short jeans high waist. This short is the Scholarships Store.
To give more charm invest in a wider belt.
Jumping Barbara KRAS wild card is and goes with everything!

The round glasses of OASAP took another look at UP! This is my favorite glasses! Love round glasses. And you?

In this look, invest more in collars than in bracelets. So just used bracelets and chains with pearl details.
I chose an earring and a necklace also pearl … And for contrast, a crystal old gold necklace!
The Oasap ring also went into production. It was beautiful!

What did you think?

11 10 9 7 6 4


3 2



Pulseiras – B&M Acessórios
Short - As Bolsas Store
Colares – B&M Acessórios
Salto – Bárbara Krás
Brinco – B&M Acessórios


By Saltoaltodamoda

Brand New Makeup Mascara

Hey Girl ♥
As I said in yesterday’s post (the video on the received December), the Oasap sent me this mascara Brand New Makeup Palette for me to test and show you! As always, I will not curl much in review for reasons of: nobody deserves. Bora there? : 3? :3
What to speak of this wonderful golden casing I barely know but have won my heart? Haha, I am of those buying the product just because we liked the cute packaging, I have to confess. But beyond that, the mascara also won me over and I found pretty good.
This applied with thicker bristles together and Curtinhas is ideal to lengthen and add volume to lashes, and in spite of my lashes are already quite large, I found the great result! Was fine with face of “doll” and I photographed before and after for you confer:
Amazing right? Super approved and has entered to the list of preferred life. By clicking here you can see the product on the store site here and other makeups that are for sale there (I have tested several and so far no let me down!) ♥
kisses and come back tomorrow has more; *
By Leferblog

Skeleton Mini Dress

I was afraid how this dress will looks on me when I saw this Skeleton Mini Dress from online shop Oasap? As I’m not skinny and the dress is very fitting and light; however,  the  Skeleton dress looks really good on me and I feel confident in it.

By the way, today is so snowy, but not cold, it’s perfect weather for winter, so, as I’ve walking with my friend, I did some photos of my outfit of the day again.

My Friend also thinks this kind of dress would be popular on our Halloween day, I will keep it for Halloween 2015. ^_^

DSC3296JPG_3109995_15505519 DSC3293JPG_6690133_15505469 DSC3294JPG_2803496_15505476 DSC3291JPG_6396893_15505438 DSC3272JPG_4394579_15505419


By anna-alina

All in Black

Colds, again and again, break me on the shoulder. I think I need to think seriously about strengthening immunity! I know that recently blew boredom here, but me and my blog slowly comes back to life;)

Recently I am a big fan of linking the clothes of the same color, but different, drastically invoice. In these sets, we will never look boring, even (and perhaps ‘in particular’), when you select the black :) How do you like the combination of leather, suede, wool and downy sweater? Let me know! Black Leather jacket and Black PU Man Pants from OASAP.

blog8 blog7i3 blog5 blog4 blog2i9

PU Man Black Pants–OASAP

Paneled Textured Leather Jacket–OASAP


By Iza Leszczak

Outfit: maxi scarf double face

I finally resurrected by Christmas and by the veil of melancholy that I was a bit hit during these holidays.
I admit, I have neglected the blog and you too much, but I neglected a little less my Facebook page.
Today I return with the first outfit of 2015 where I want you to see small new entry, as the maxi scarf double face outlet on Oasap at a super price (the HERE or HERE as my version of green and blue) and the cute t- Shirts made print on Snapmade.
Is the t-shirt I made it to print just as I wanted, because of Snapmade can choose from clothing and various objects, send a photo, an inscription, a drawing and they’ve printed the above.
I would say a useful site for the unique items, to finally get the coveted tshirt that you can not find it anywhere or just to make a unique gift.

daniel wellington black leather watch classy preppy style amemipiacecosi fashion blogger maxi sciarpa scialle poncho scacchi scozzese tartan rosso zara blogger maxi sciarpa scacchi scozzese tartan zara oasap blogger occhiali da sole neri vintage italocremona blogger outfit ripped jeans  risskio printed tshirt pinko bag red heels quilted scarf do what you love printrd white tshirt personalizzate look con jeans strappati tshirt bianca maxi borsa bauletto pinko scarpe rosse stola sciarpa scozzese


Tassel-Trim Plaid Scarf: Oasap– buy HERE
T-SHIRT: Snapmade


By Amemipiacecosi

New Year’s Look

New year of 2015 is starting, after many looks with groomed and elegant mood of “shawl” and “so young”, there are so much to change now. During this new time, i’d like to emphasize the shapes to give it the boyfriend style, maybe more with a touch of grace, but in short, to cover kg accumulated in these festivals there is nothing better than a Paneled Dress, sweatshirt mid, mid denim.


Fumettosa printing and black and white dominate the scene. The bracelets PVC Veronica Toscano create some fancy cuffs that go along with both the clutch black leather, with both the classic floral ring.


A warm black Anchored Leggings her legs and a nice hat emerge long pigtails. Had since kindergarten that I did a couple of tails … and why?


Why 10 years you feel great and hairstyle you seem to be little girl, 15 years old woman and you feel you posing as a femme fatale, and to 25 years (and more) you always try to prove less years and you posing as a bimbamin * ia daring look with Candy Candy and poses Violetta of the poor.


Yeahhh, with this total outfit Oasap I feel “a lot younger”! (“lots” in Roman means “very”) and ready to face 2015 bouncing around.



Mock 2pcs Paneled Dress–OASAP

Anchored Black Leggings with Inner Napping–OASAP

Bracelets: Veronica Toscano
Hat: Calliope
Bag: Newfoundland
Boots: Pimkie

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