A Little Black Dress

Good morning chocolates!

At last we seem to have a good time with us, spring has arrived with high temperatures, warm sun and lighter garments. And with it comes the time to think about the events that are to come; weddings, communions, baptisms, graduations …

So today I propose a little black dress with transparent touches. The strapless neckline makes feminine and sexy but carries inner headband making it very comfortable to wear. The transparent stripes at the back of the dress is suggestive but not be too much, so it is suitable for events of all kinds.
Personally I like the cut, girded at the waist and with type balloon skirt look great girls with wide hips designs. Being black any snap fits. I opted for heels in black, multibrazaletes and a thin chain. but also look great with sandals in a strong color and larger accessories.
You can find this dress at Oasap, recently have launched a line of dresses of original design and superior quality. The truth is that the fabric of the dress can tell it’s good, fits well with my body very well and resists wrinkles that may arise from the movement of the day. Take a look at your own selection of dresses.


Dress/ Oasap

tendencia-vestidos-2015 red-lips stripes-dress little-black-dress chic-short-dress wedding-hair vestido-transparencias oasap-dress arien-blog


OASAP Fetching Black Striped Off-Shoulder Mini Dress


OASAP Collection

Hi guys !!!!

Today I have come to show you some pieces that I received from US fashion brand OASAP! As you are tired of knowing, the store is a partner of the blog here, and they always send me lots of cool stuff, and today I came to show What do I got them this month! Let’s check ?!

IMG_4654 IMG_4645 IMG_4649






– White Dress: (buy here)
– Cropped Black: (buy here)
– Earring: (buy here)
– Makeup Palette: (buy here)


By sonhosdeglamour

Lace Dress

As of today you can see, I was bespectacled. I have a small eye condition and glasses on fotkach I’d rather not appear. How lepiej- with glasses or without them?

As you well know, yesterday was a day of women. Kamila surprised me with a beautiful view of the bouquet. I was very happy, because I love roses. Then I came up with the idea for the pics. Unfortunately, they are made in the living room, because in high heels and dress umarzłabym the field. In the beginning was to be flat shoes, but the pins fit perfectly into glasses and flowers that I had it when I used them too styling. Put on this little black dress to my mom and her job. The beautiful lace dress shaped like the letter A which sponsored from OASAP online store. What do you think about styling, my thoughts and kiecce? ;)

SAM_2932 SAM_2946 SAM_2945 SAM_2940 SAM_2930 SAM_2927 SAM_2925


Lace Shoulder Sleeveless Dress–OASAP


By alekssandrasssss

Asymmetrical Blouse


You may have noticed that lately I wear the Asymmetrical Blouse, it’s sponsored from OASAP online store. When combining them is simply unlimited and it seems to me that they can not look bad, perhaps useless! :)) I’m just still a problem to find the perfect size because I did not sit still no way I would have imagined :(. Where did you get the white shirt you? Some are perfectly fitted to my Wishlist perhaps years!: D
The transparent OASAP white blouse, I donned leather pants, which I caught in New Year’s sell off in Tally Weijl (I feel that in my pants sewed TW perhaps tailor, so very happy with them I always!: D :)) and I took up my favorite dark blue jacket with leather details from Zara.
When we took pictures of this outfit, she walked just some bunch of men in suits with briefcases .. stopped, looked for a moment, then praised as it suits me and finally asked where to find photos. Blog address I gave them and if you really read it, therefore, have my admiration and that is health! : D :))

DSC_0043 DSC_0058 DSC_0065 DSC_0081 DSC_0083


handbag & necklace Zara, Oasap v-neck blouse, pants Tally Weijl, shoes bot


By fashionladyan

A little Black Dress


OASAP A little black dress with straps sexy touch.


cats2 (1)

Some time ago I received this black dress from OASAP but as the weather was not in France, I expected to be in Barcelona for mostrároslo. Although I must say that I chose wrong day to do it, because suddenly a fresco lasted 30 seconds without the jacket just to show you the detail of the back rose. If you want to see the front of the strappy dress better, more photos on Instagram.


By mirianasworld

Just Do It Later Print Sweatshirt

Good Day! I hope you enjoyed the weekend and that you begin to force this coming week. I’m looking forward to Thursday to return to Madrid (although I will miss the Alicante time. This seems to have already reached us warmth and spring finally!)
I leave a new very basic outfit consisting of jeans ripped Boyfriend style, OASAP Just Do it Later black sweatshirt and sneakers Glitter (trend that comes stomping, and I think Chiara Ferragni has been the driving).

Hope you enjoy and as always, have all the details look at the end of the post.
Thanks for reading, much love ❤️

collage DSC_1106 IMG_3263


Sudadera/Sweatshirt: Oasap (click)
Vaqueros/Ripped Jeans: Style Moi (click)
Zapatillas/Sneakers: Diesel
Gafas/Sunglasses: Giant Vintage (click)
By blairstrasser

Animal Print


How long have I been looking forward me to you, these photos show. Why? Because I have put their heads together a few weeks ago with Tina by lantern light and came out a wonderful collaboration there at the end. And I’m pretty excited to see what it says about the new outfit posts in the coming weeks – so I must let your feedback in the comments here!

In the last few days in Berlin was so wonderful fast early-spring weather. And so I was finally able to run one of my new OASAP sweaters. The fact I have been lying around for quite a while here, but it was just too cold. And besides, he should always be just a feel-good spring sweater for your home. But a chance in the “outdoor use” I wanted him but then give – in spite cow print!

gethsemanekirche_schwarzweiß_1 gethsemanekirche_schwarzweiß_4 gethsemanekirche_schwarzweiß_6 gethsemanekirche_schwarzweiß_2


Tally Weijl Destroyed Jeans (similar here and here)
Feather Necklace (similar here and here)
By terrorbambi




And here combinations with liners that I could not find. Maybe it’s better that at the time I did not find, because to me personally prefer this variant of the original and that I hang out in my head. Otherwise, if there is no ambiguity, bare legs when this temperature, for me, not at all. I always wear pantyhose in color, which to me is not a little does not matter. Discreet, without an excessive gloss, barely noticeable.

DSCN3194a DSCN3233 DSCN3227 DSCN3236 DSCN3217

Bag- H&M
Shoes- New Yorker
BY itsmetijana

Floral Pink


Pink, rose pink everywhere … never enough for us women! And ‘the color that best represents us and is the favorite color of many of us, I for one love it (and I think you see very well)! After days and days of rain and hail mixed snow, in my beautiful city arose a sun pazzesco.Questa you that is my city: beautiful, warm and welcoming! So I took advantage of this beautiful warmth to take some photos in rosa.Non know for why, but this color really puts me in a good mood, then with this OASAP pink floral shirt full of flowers seems almost spring!

Since curiosity is a woman, and I wanted to understand why I have a “pink-dependence”, I did some research on the internet and I found the meaning of this color and also some curiosity: “Symbol of the ability to give and receive love, the OASAP pink shirt gives passion and vitality in love for others and if stessi.Ha function to increase intuition in women …. the main feature of the pink is to ease the mind and dispel negative thoughts that you can hide .but this color, it also symbolizes the ability to open up to the next … in a balanced exchange between giving and ricevere.Infonde the ability of forgiveness and the mutual need tenerezza.Chi refuses pink afraid to come out .This fear can lead the individual to withdraw into himself without showing his hand tenero.La consequence of this attitude can lead the person to be arid and dura.Inoltre, those who reject the warning pink shades of sensuality and prefer the clarity of reason ”

There are many reasons why a woman chooses to wear pink, leaving aside the trivial reasons, a woman pink dress as a woman, chose this color because it is a color easy, but at the same time etereo.Un color that brings fun and that he maketh those around us of joy infinita.Perciò I wanted to play this nuance in my look of giorno.Camicia floral shades bon ton of flowers, fuchsia maxi bag on, watch mixed blue, white, and pink bracelet and heart-shaped glasses, because we know Valentine is coming and we are all a little more romantic! Last, but not least, the highlight of this look sparkling: the bow tie strictly candy pink that gives this romantic look a little lightheartedness that sometimes not faulty!

DSC04144 DSC04141 DSC04137 DSC04133 DSC04123

Dream Flower Print High-Low Shirt–Oasap

Orologio Daniel Wellington - Bracciale Jus – Borsa Camomilla – Papillon More Accessories

Snow Day!


In the end, we can say that there was a winter in full swing! To me a few days ago there was my order from Oasap expected. I could not refuse those Skinny Leggings and Shawl Cardigan! The only downside is that the pants are a little bit too big in the waist, so I’ll have to ask the seamstress, but I think this is not very noticeable. On holidays I still have to wait two weeks, unfortunately. Let’s hope that soon will order! : D

IMG_5838 IMG_5819 IMG_5806 IMG_5804

Pants:Oasap Sweater:Oasap, t-shirt: Stylemoi, scarf: Reserved

By  Victoria

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